Early market activity in California has been quiet so far, activity is well behind where it has

been over the past several years. The final estimate will be released on the 7th of

September; the estimate is tipped to be in the vicinity of 700,000 metric tonnes. The Walnut

Handler Coalition will meet in Sacramento to set opening export prices on the 13th, the

market will official open after this meeting.

Overall the crop looks healthy, however, extremely high temperatures continue to take

its toll. Sunburn is visible on the tops of trees as well as on trees on the outside rows of

orchards. Nervousness remains about what affect the heat will have on the colour of the


The Californian harvest is set to begin shortly; trees will begin being shaken around the 10th

of September.

As previously discussed, prices will open significantly higher than last year due to the brisk

selling rate of 2016.

In China, the subjective Walnut Crop estimate is 880,000 metric tonnes. The crop is

marginally below last year which was 900,000 metric tonnes.