Australian macadamia growers have produced a record crop in 2018 – 49,300 tonnes inshell
at 3.5% moisture. The crop has finished 3% higher than the previous forecast.
The strong result can be attributed to favourable harvest conditions with minimal rain
interruptions. Conditions were consistently good this year.
The higher crop also reflects sustained investment made in previous years. Growers
have invested substantially in the health of their soil and trees as well as overall orchard
improvements and this commitment is now translating into higher yields and excellent
kernel quality.
Some of the new plantings are also coming into bearing, and this is expected to deliver
more consistent yield growth in the coming years.
Demand for Australian kernel remains strong and sales and forward contracts indicate
the majority of the crop is committed.
Signs are positive for the 2019 crop, with growers reporting good flowering so far.
What the growers urgently need is rain. Yields will be greatly reduced and kernel sizing
will be average if the dry weather continues.