In recent days there has been some upward movement in price on both fresh and

dehydrated garlic. This comes after the prices dramatically fell last season. Some of the

contributing factors to the increase are;

  • high farmer input costs from last season which has made farmers reluctant to sell
  • garlic at low pricing,
  • sudden increased demand on garlic with both fresh and speculators holding ontoIt is not known at this stage when prices will start falling again for Chinese material.Inventory is very limited at the moment, processors have started to harvest in the firstcrop is expected to yield 25-35% larger than last year however due to the non-existent
  • carryover in inventory US garlic is expected to remain tight through to September 2018.
  • weeks of July and will try and have material ready to ship as soon as possible. This years
  • USA
  • material to drive price increases.