Consumers choose APDF dried fruit

Coles’ traditional fruit hot cross buns have recently been lauded by consumer group CHOICE, with the bulk made using dried fruit grown in Sunraysia.

CHOICE ranked the buns highest in taste and texture against other supermarket brands, grocers and independent bakeries, thanks largely to Irymple-based fourth-generation farmer Ashley Johnstone.

Mr Johnstone has been growing sultanas, sunmuscats and carina currants on his 30-hectare family vineyard at Irymple for 15 years and supplies more than 80 per cent of the dried fruit used in Coles’ traditional hot cross buns.

Coles said that for the third year running every Coles bakery traditional hot cross bun sold was made using 100 per cent Australian grown fruit.

With more than two years of farming experience behind the Johnstone family, Ashley said it was the dry summer heat that made Sunraysia the perfect region in produce vine fruit that’s loaded with natural goodness and rich flavours.

“Our fruit is dried naturally on the vine in the hot Sunraysia sunshine and the dryness of the fruit is carefully monitored before it is harvested from the vine” he said.

“We have fantastic grape varieties to produce plump and juicy fruit which is unique in flavour.

Its really great that Coles is supporting Australian growers to offer its customers great quality delicious buns to enjoy.”

Coles bakery general manager said Coles was proud to support local growers by offering traditional hot cross buns made with Aussie grown fruit.

“We know our customers want to buy Australian produce, and hot cross buns are a clear customer favourite, so we are delighted to offer Coles traditional fruit hot cross buns bursting with Aussie grown fruit as we have been for the past three years” he said.