The California Almond Board released their March position report at 176.40 million pounds. This is up 9.1% on April 2017. This will be the 7th consecutive record shipping month in a row with total shipments to date 12.1% up on last year. The strong shipments are being lead by the USA domestic market.

Carryout is expected to be 305 million lbs., however it is already difficult getting a good Supreme with such high levels of chips, scratches and general damage.

The NASS Subjective Estimate was released very recently, also at 2.3 billion lbs. The NASS Objective Estimate will come out July 5th and we’ll see if it is a similar number as it’s a more technical survey, a 2.3 billion pound crop means the overall crop supply will be the same as 2017 when you take the projected carryover into account.

New crop is trading 10c/lb below current crop for the time being.

The Australian harvest is rounding up and it looks like the overall crop will be down on initial predictions of 82,000mt. In terms of good quality natural kernels, some major processors are now fully committed for the season so it’s recommended to make enquiries sooner rather than later for any kernel requirements.

For any specific almond enquiries, please contact your nearest Scalzo branch.