Partners in Food,
Quality & Innovation

For over 40 years our passion for food and innovative spirit have seen us collaborate closely with our customers and suppliers to deliver outstanding products and commercial results across the areas of retail, ingredients and manufacturing.

Our Products

We source and manufacture a vast array of ingredients and products to meet the diverse needs of our broad customer base. We love a challenge and have the structure and resources in place to deliver with the efficiency that Australia’s biggest and most loved brands require.

Our Promise

We act with objectivity and integrity in all our business dealings. Our holistic approach ensures excellence from the sourcing of ingredients locally and globally to the manufacture and delivery of packaged products. Our fairness and industry expertise have seen us become trusted partners to suppliers and customers alike.


As an industry leader acting with responsibility comes with the territory. We understand food and the needs of our customers. That's why we create and deliver against meticulous processes with our quality systems, food safety accreditations, vendor assurance programme and strategic contingency planning.



There has been an drastic change in the raw material prices in last one month. Due to COVID19 situation, the psyllium seed price here is very firm. The demand for Psyllium has increased during this pandemic period and on the other hand the raw material supply is gradually decreasing. During…

Cashew Market Update

In June some surprisingly large Vietnamese RCN import volumes were revealed. Some of these numbers have since been questioned, with a wide range of explanations offered to discredit them. How accurate the imports are remains to be fully understood but it is clear that these numbers had a negative impact…