Plant Protein - Benefits of Faba Bean

The demand for Plant Protein is steadily increasing, without showing signs of slowing down. It is forecasted that the plant protein market will grow to an estimated value of more than $85b USD with an average yearly growth of 28% by 2030. A key driver of the move to consumption of plant-based proteins is the growing consumer trend for sustainably produced products that have a lower impact on the environment than proteins produced from animals. Thankfully, Scalzo Foods now offers a wide range of Australian plant protein options for your needs. With a range currently including Faba Bean, Yellow Lentil, Red Lentil, Yellow Pea, and Mung Bean.

Faba bean is not the only plant-based protein available as a supplement or as a dairy, gluten, soya, allergen free, vegan and vegetarian friendly food ingredient. Others include brown rice, pea and hemp. However, faba beans have significant benefits over other plant-based proteins. Some of the key attributes of faba bean protein include their flavour, colour, and odour.

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